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Are you shopping for a quality water ionizer and want to save money? Many people find out about the Kangen water ionizer but are skeptical because it is very expensive and they use a multi-level marketing scheme. Chanson water ionizers are high quality and come with a 10 year warranty, that's twice as long as the Kangen warranty!

Chanson's Miracle MAX water ionizer is our best selling water ionizer and has extra features that you can't get with the Kangen like: Mineral Chamber for ionized mineral water, Chemical-free design (you have to purchase a chemical solution to use inside the Kangen), smaller design but same plate size and a unique ipad-style touch display.


Questions About Water Filtration And Alkaline Water Strength

The following are some questions and answers from a customer today.

Q. I'm still learning about all this. I drink on average 2-4L a day. I'm told I can get really high alkaline levels from these machines and different peoples bodies can only handle certain levels. Is what I'm saying accurate?

A. Not exactly, it does make Strong Alkaline water even on the 5 plate Chanson Violet model but we dont drink from the strong alkaline setting. Its for taking pesticides off your fruits/veg (acts as an emulsifier) or you can use it if you are going to boil the water to make tea, soup etc.

Buy Water Ionizers and Water Filters from Canada - Save Money

Are you looking to buy a water ionizer and save money? It's a smart idea! I sure wouldn't want to drink regular water again after having a Chanson Miracle MAX for the last 3 years. Ionized alkaline water from the M.A.X. tastes amazing. Right now the Canadian dollar is the weakest it's been in a very long time so you can save money on the currency conversion.

We carry Chanson counter-top water ionizers, the Chanson Royale under-counter ionizer, a wide selection of water filters, a "Vitamix knockoff" which is fantastic, air ionizers, heaters with remote control and built in humidifier + hepa filters, and more.


Water Filtration, Inexpensive Solutions for Chlorine, Fluoride and Chloramines
Are you looking for a better way to filter your water then using a Brita/Santevia or other "pitcher-style" filter? The 2 Best-Selling Water Filter Systems we offer are the C3 for Fluoride and C3 for Chloramines.


The C3 is a 3 Stage filter that will professionally take over 99% of the junk in your water out fo you. It comes in 3 configurations: C3 for non-Flouride water, C3 for Fluoride water, C3 for Chloramine water. Despite a lot of misinformation on the web and from some government organizations, Fluoride is not "perfectly safe for human consumption"...
Great Weekend at 2017 BC Home & Garden Show
We had a great weekend at the Home & Garden Show. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with us. It's amazing how more and more people are finding out about the benefits of ionized alkaline water. Chanson Miracle MAX and ROYALE Water Ionizers are certified as Health Devices in Italy. They are the only water ionizer with European certification. Europe is way ahead North America with preventative medicine.Here's what we shared with people at the show:
We're excited about helping people like you easily Improve Your Health. 
How?     By Upgrading Your Drinking Water..
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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (P.E.M.F)

We have added an exciting new product called the OMI PEMF Mattress. Its similar in size to a yoga mat, although a bit thicker and it generates a Healing Electomagnetic Field!

This technology was invented by Nikola Tesla and has been used by Nasa for about 30 years. There have been thousands of scientific studies on the effects of PEMF Devices.

PEMF therapy has been proven to increase blood flow and provide muscle relaxation with better oxygenation of muscle tissue. This plays a key role in both acute and chronic pain relief.


It's Time To Question Your Relationship With Water

When people come over to my house and drink some water from my Chanson Water Ionizer, they are amazed at how good it tastes. Just like how there's a noticeable difference between drinking tap water or Evian, its the same with Ionized Alkaline Water. While Evian comes from a pristine underground spring in France, your tap water is coming from a local water treatment plant. Recent analyses of municipal drinking water have shown that, despite government regulations, there are still many dangerous contaminants present in our water.

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Water Is Essential For Our Health

It's 2016 and we have amazing technological advances like artificial intelligence however most people are still struggling with their physical health. Pharmaceutical companies are making obscene profits, did you know 1/3 of Americans are on painkillers?  Most people are ignoring the very basics, studies show that over 75% of North Americans are chronically dehydrated.

“…When cancer patients come into my office … their bodies are almost always very acidic and toxic. My first task is to get their tissues to alkalinize with alkaline water and alkaline foods.” — Dr. Don Colbert, M.D., author, The Seven Pillars of Health

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Water Ionizer Financing Now Available

Canada Ionizers is now offering payment plans on all of our Chanson water ionizers. Have you been interested to get a water ionizer but don't have an extra $2000 in your pillowcase?

Now's your chance to start drinking "the good water" with 0% Interest-Free Financing. 

Many customers choose to split their bill into 12 or 18 equal monthly payments so that it's easier to fit in the budget. If you have health challenges and are on a fixed income, getting a water ionizer on the payment plan is a great investment. 

Chanson water ionizers come with a 10 year warranty so you're going to be using it a long time. Your whole family will benefit by drinking restructured alkaline water that's full of anti-oxidants!


Fluoride Is A Neurotoxin - According to Prestigious Medical Journal

The Lancet, one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world has officially classified fluoride as a neurotoxin. It's in the same category as mercury, lead and arsenic.

Fluoride is currently found in city water's across Canada including Abbotsford, Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto. Canadian cities that used to have fluoride in the water but in recent years have banned it include: Calgary, Waterloo, Windsor, Lakeshore and Tecumseh.

In the United States in 2010, 66% of Americans received fluoride in their water.

It's interesting to observer that fluoride is generally not added to drinking water in Europe as it has been banned.


Ionized Water & the Misinformation Age

It's no wonder that there is much confusion about ionized water these days. Doing a Google search leads to this Wikipedia article where it says "A water ionizer (also known as a alkaline ionizer) is a home appliance which claims to raise the pH of drinking water by using electrolysis to separate the incoming water stream into acidic and alkaline components."

Already in the first paragraph the article shows a strong bias. To me, this article is absolutely ridiculous. There's no doubt that a water ionizer alters the pH level. A simple pH test from any garden store will prove that the pH level is different. READ MORE

Why Ionized Alkaline Water Is The Best Water

Ok, first of all, if if you're living near a pristine glacier or have a high quality spring in your backyard then this could be debatable. However, if you're drinking "city water", well water, reverse osmosis (aka demineralized) water, local "spring water" (that's been sitting in plastic jugs), then hear me out. 

The problem with tap water is that it contains chlorine (which is a "necessary evil" to kill bacteria but it also kills some of your healthy cells and friendly bacteria in your intestines). Tap water is also slightly acidic and it's been moving through pipes of 'questionable quality and cleanliness' (take a look next time you see the city repairing the pipes) and there's a high probability (95% +) that your tap water has contaminants in the form of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 

PH Water Machines

There are many different names for Water Ionizers including: PH Water Machines, Alkaline Water Machines,  Ionized Water Machines, Water Electrolysis Machines, etc. 

Water Ionizers have electrode plates and perform electrolysis. 

According to Wikipedia:

"Despite being described as 'water ionizers' the machines are designed to work as water electrolyzers. This is an electrochemical process in which water is split to form hydrogen and oxygen by an electric current. The overall chemical reaction is shown below:

2 H2O(l) → 2 H2(g) + O2(g)

Chanson Water Ionizer Reviews

Here are some of our customer reviews for Chanson water ionizers. Find out what people are saying about drinking Chanson water each day! 

Chanson Miracle Royale Under Counter Water Ionizer

  • We are loving our water ionizer. We have noted the taste of the water is better. We love the display it looks so sharp. :) I will get a pic to you one of these days :) - Kaira 

  • I'm really happy with it Jason, the water tastes great and my muscles are feeling much better after drinking the water the last 2 weeks. - Tony 

READ MORE - Chanson WAter Ionizer Reviews

Drinking Plenty of Ionized Water from a Water Ionizer Helps Chronic Pain
A friend was introducing me to a health product last week and he showed me a statistic that made me cringe: 

1 in 3 Americans has Chronic Pain

Yikes! This is something that I don't think about very often as I've been doing Yoga for the last 15 years and it always helps my body to come back into alignment. I had no idea that so many people are affected by Chronic Pain.

Why do so many people have a hard time to "bounce back" from an injury?

Have you heard of Inflammation? According to Google:
Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer - Value meets Affordability

The name of Chanson's 'Miracle' water ionizer was inspired by the best-selling PH Miracle books. According to Dr. Young, "A quality alkaline water ionizer is the #1 purchase you can make to prevent illness".

Designed by a renowned Austrian engineer, Chanson's Miracle model is the most compact water ionizer on the market allowing you more counter space. The Chanson Miracle water ionizer has seven solid titanium plates that are nano-plated with platinum for the highest level of conductivity and durability.

Higher wattage and bigger plates is an ionizer marketing myth. At Chanson, we know that "bigger isn't always better." We are extremely proud that our "earth friendly" platinum and titanium plates only consume about 150 watts of power and still out-perform most water ionizers on the market.

Alkaline Water And Chanson Water Ionizers

The History Of Water Ionizers

Michael Faraday invented the first electrolysis device in the early 1900's, it allowed for the electronic separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Dr. Coanda, a Romanian scientist took Faraday's work to a new level by using applied science in the field of fluid dynamics. He was obsessed with the chemical makeup of water and had traveled to Hunza, Pakistan to study the legendary glacier water that gave the Hunza people increased lifespan and vitality. 

Japanese Scientists took Dr. Coanda's work and created the world's first water ionizer in 1954. A number of Japanese universities began researching the effects of ionized and acidic water on plants and animals. They found that there were numerous health benefits and at that point the technology had improved to create water ionizer machines that were inexpensive enough for householders.

Should You Buy A Kangen Water Ionizer? Is the Kangen Ionizer Worth The Extra Money?

So you've been introduced to the Kangen water ionizer and are excited about the health benefits but unsure about the cost and the multi-level marketing...  That was my experience. After filling up jugs for a couple weeks there was no doubt about the health benefits, both my partner and I noticed increased energy and vitality. However, the $4,000 price on the Leveluk SD501 was quite high and I wasn't interested to get involved with a MLM company.


    Being Properly Hydrated Reduces Your Chances of Heart Attack & Stroke

    There are lots of reasons why increasing your hydration is important for health. A recent study by Dr. Mona Bahouth of John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore reveals that people who are dehydrated at the time of a stroke are about four times more likely to have a worse outcome than those who are well hydrated. Data...

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    Hydration - What you don't know is probably hurting you...

    Find out why hydration is SO important. 

    Thirst isn’t always a reliable way to determine the body’s need for water, especially in children and older adults. Even being slightly dehydrated can zap your energy and make you feel lethargic. A mere two percent drop in body water can trigger fuzzy short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing on the computer screen or on a printed page. Even mild dehydration will slow down one’s metabolism as much as 3%.

    Why Choose a Chanson Water Ionizer? Chanson Company Info
    Chanson Water company has been supplying water filtration systems since 1979. The Chanson Research & Development team continually produces the most innovative and technologically advanced water ionizers. Our Chanson Miracle MAX Royale is the first under-counter water ionizer to have a built-in mineral chamber. You can add Himalayan or Celtic Rock Salt to enjoy ionically charged minerals. 

    Chanson Water - Feel the Difference!


    Your Questions Answered - Alkaline Water and Alkaline Foods

    Some Questions from Facebook

    1. We are trying to only keep the ph of the small intestines as alkaline as possible?

    Not only the small intestines. Understand that excess acidity causes sickness, disease and death. Acidic cells becomes suffocated and can't take in oxygen, necessary for life. They end up (The small intestines are regulated at 8.4 pH which is 10x more alkaline then our blood's pH at 7.365. ) The average person's diet is highly acidic due to eating sugar, bread, dairy, meat, fried foods, etc.

    2. If so then the small intestines only would have a lower chance of developing cancer but what about other parts of the body?

    Chloramines - Toxic for Fish but OK For Humans?

    Have you ever thought about how water ends up into your glass and what's happened to it?

    While it's great that most of Canada isn't using recycled water, our tap water undergoes chemical processes so that it stays safe to drink. Most people probably never question what's in their tap water and don't know about all the chemicals, chemical byproducts and heavy metals...

    And You Thought Chlorine Was Bad...  

    What part of the body are we trying to get to be more alkaline...?

    We received the following question today:

    What part of the body are we trying to get to be more alkaline...? its not the stomach, and the bloods ph shouldnt be altered...i read that diet can influence the urins ph only. which source can tell me how it would influence other parts of the body and which parts?

    Great question! So here's the nutshell version and I'll provide some resources if you want to go deeper.. 
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