Alkaline Water And Chanson Water Ionizers

29.05.2015 0 Jason Storm

The History Of Water Ionizers

Michael Faraday invented the first electrolysis device in the early 1900's, it allowed for the electronic separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Dr. Coanda, a Romanian scientist took Faraday's work to a new level by using applied science in the field of fluid dynamics. He was obsessed with the chemical makeup of water and had traveled to Hunza, Pakistan to study the legendary glacier water that gave the Hunza people increased lifespan and vitality. 

Japanese Scientists took Dr. Coanda's work and created the world's first water ionizer in 1954. A number of Japanese universities began researching the effects of ionized and acidic water on plants and animals. They found that there were numerous health benefits and at that point the technology had improved to create water ionizer machines that were inexpensive enough for householders.

What Are Water Ionizers?

Water ionizer machines separate water into 2 parts using the electrolysis process. This involves using an electric charge in conjunction with certain minerals that are present in the water. 

Studies show that alkaline water is beneficial for treating a wide variety of diseases because the alkaline water has a higher ph level and acts as a powerful antioxidant.

Anti-oxidants slow the aging process and neutralize free radical cells which cause a chain reaction of destruction in the body. How it works is that free radicals are unstable because they are missing an electron, so they will take an electron from another healthy cell causing it to become a free radical. Anti-oxidants have an extra electron to give away so they neutralize the free radicals. 

See the following image for some of the benefits of alkaline water from a Chanson water ionizer.

Chanson Water Ionizers

Chanson is different then most water ionizer companies because they started as a water filtration company in the 1970's and later got into producing water ionizers in the 1980's. Chanson currently supplies over 300 retail store worldwide (most are in Asia) with water filters and water ionizers. 

Chanson company's motto is "Life - Health - Happiness". The Chanson core values are: Excellent Customer Service, Education and Teamwork. Learn more about Chanson.