What's In Your Drinking Water?!

18.09.2017 0 Jason S
There's a high probability that the water you consume daily is contributing to your health issues. Most people don't think about it because the water looks clear. The fact is that the water you drink is not as clean as it looks, plagued with chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, chloramines - plus heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury. Exposure to some metals, such as mercury and lead, may also cause development of autoimmunity, in which a person's immune system attacks its own cells.

Our bodies require proper hydration. We consume water to maintain blood volume, regulate body temperature, flush out waste products with our kidneys, colon, and liver, dissolve minerals and nutrients for assimilation, carry nutrients and oxygen to our cells, improve digestion and prevent constipation, lubricate our joints, moisten tissues and more.

Studies show that 90% of North American's are chronically deyhdrated. It's like we're driving our cars which low oil levels. Deyhdration greatly increases the risk of health issues. Symptoms of mild dehydration include thirst, constipation, elevated heart rate, sunken skin and veins, headaches, brain fog, loss of appetite, fatigue, very dark urine, and dizziness.

Erin Brokovich is a real environmental lawyer (portrayed by Julia Roberts in the film "Erin Brokovich") who writes and lectures about how dirty our modern water supply is.

Here's what she's found in our "safe" municipal tap water:

*Birth control hormones
*Heavy metals
*H. pylori
*Chemicals from manufacturing
*Chemicals from fracking

According to the FDA, there are 40 million Americans affected by pharmaceutical-laden water!

Fluoride is a mineral added to our water to supposedly improve our dental health (many studies dispute this idea). The most common type of fluoride added is fluorosilicic acid which is a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer manufacturing! Excessive fluoride weakens bones and teeth, disrupts thyroid function and calcifies the pineal gland.

Pesticides and nitrates are commonly found in tap water from rural areas. Most of the contamination comes from runoff from farms and commercial properties. The runoff seeps into the water table and contaminates local well water. Half of shallow well tests in the United States were found to contain pesticides with 20% at a level concerning for human health.

Filtering Your Water

We recommend these drinking water filters to purify your water. We don't recommend RO (reverse osmosis) because it removes all of the minerals which is unhealthy. The C3 water filtration system is very affordable and does an excellent job to remove chemicals, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride and more.

For the next level in quality drinking water, check out Water Ionizers.
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