Questions About Water Filtration And Alkaline Water Strength

15.03.2017 0 Jason Storm

The following are some questions and answers from a customer today.

Q. I'm still learning about all this. I drink on average 2-4L a day. I'm told I can get really high alkaline levels from these machines and different peoples bodies can only handle certain levels. Is what I'm saying accurate?

A. Not exactly, it does make Strong Alkaline water even on the 5 plate Chanson Violet model but we dont drink from the strong alkaline setting. Its for taking pesticides off your fruits/veg (acts as an emulsifier) or you can use it if you are going to boil the water to make tea, soup etc. The highest alkaline level we can drink is Alkaline 3 setting which is 9.5 pH. Thats what I drink everyday for over 3 years.

Q. So 9.5ph is the highest a person should be drinking and it's the best cleanest water someone can have? So it makes no difference if it has 5 plates or 7 plates in quality of water?

A. Yes thats correct for both. However for the best cleanest water you could add a 3 stage pre-filter for $229. Its on our website, called the C3 Pre-filter for drinking water. Are you in the greater Toronto area?

Q. Yes I am in Toronto

A. Ok, I recommend the C3 for fluoride. You get 3 large filters that remove all the junk from your water. The internat filter is great for chlorine but doesnt remove fluoride or pharmaceuticals. You change the filters once a year, the replacement cost is $120.

Q. I want to save money, do you think the Violet would match my needs?

A. Yes, absolutely. If you're not in a hurry and run the water at about 2.0 Liters/minute flow rate, you'll get high quality alkaline water everyday and they're very reliable.


C3 Pre-filter