Water Ionizer Financing Now Available

02.05.2016 0 Jason Storm

Canada Ionizers is now offering payment plans on all of our Chanson water ionizers. Have you been interested to get a water ionizer but don't have an extra $2000 in your pillowcase?

Now's your chance to start drinking "the good water" with 0% Interest-Free Financing. 

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When you're looking for a water ionizer its important that you purchase from a company with high standards. Chanson Water leads the industry with the newest innovations in water ionizers like SMTP Power (computerized power delivery), Ionized Mineral Water capabilities in the Miracle MAX and Royale ionizers. Chanson is a health company that manufactures over 20 types of water filters for every type of water quality challenge. Chanson supplies over 300 physical stores around the world with water filtration and water ionizer technology. 

Many customers choose to split their bill into 12 or 18 equal monthly payments so that it's easier to fit in the budget. If you have health challenges and are on a fixed income, getting a water ionizer on the payment plan is a great investment. 

Chanson water ionizers come with a 10 year warranty so you're going to be using it a long time. Your whole family will benefit by drinking restructured alkaline water that's full of anti-oxidants!

When you consider what the average family spends per month on beverages, spending some money on a water ionizer really makes sense. Most people have an aversion to drinking tap water because it "doesn't taste good". Our bodies know instinctively that drinking water with added chemicals like chlorine, fluoride, chloramides, etc is not the right water for good health!

Did you know that in Nazi Germany they put Fluoride into the water to make people easier to control and manipulate. Scientists have proven that there are no health benefits to adding fluoride into our water supply but many cities today do it including about 2/3 of the entire United States. 

All of our water ionizers have a built-in PJ-6000 ceramic filter which is excellent for removing chlorine. If you have fluoride in your water, its a smart idea to invest in a C3 Filter system for Fluoride removal. 

In today's age, we can't trust our health to doctors to "fix us", we need to be smarter and use preventative medicine.  

Our bodies are over 70% water.  H20 helps to fuel our daily lives, drink the highest quality alkaline anti-oxidant water and feel the difference!

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