Should You Buy A Kangen Water Ionizer? Is the Kangen Ionizer Worth The Extra Money?

27.05.2015 0 Jason Storm

So you've been introduced to the Kangen water ionizer and are excited about the health benefits but unsure about the cost and the multi-level marketing...  That was my experience. After filling up jugs for a couple weeks there was no doubt about the health benefits, both my partner and I noticed increased energy and vitality. However, the $4,000 price on the Leveluk SD501 was quite high and I wasn't interested to get involved with a MLM company.

Kangen Claims from the local rep

  1. "Kangen is the gold standard and the only water ionizer that's a certified medical device. That's huge! Kangen is certified by the Japanese Ministry of Health"
  2. "they use Kangen water ionizers in all the hospitals in Japan"
  3. "It's unique and better then everything else"
  4. "Don't trust any machine that's not made in Japan"

Online Research Revealed

  1. The Japanese Ministry of Health has only ever issued Safety Approvals, originally in 1954, but has never certified or tested the health effects of Kangen alkaline water or any other machines using Electrolysis to create ionized water
  2. A friend of my friend is a doctor from Japan, he says that it's a very low percentage of hospitals using them, (maybe 1 in 100) and its commonly used for sterilization purposes with the acidic water. 
  3. All water ionizers use Electrolysis, this technology was invented in the 1950's
  4. It's not the 80's anymore! 

Taste Tests

After doing a bunch of research online I decided to also try water from the Chanson Miracle MAX water Ionizer and also from the Athena water ionizer. I drank each water for 2 weeks and found that all 3 tasted very similar and I wouldn't be able to say which-was-which in a blind taste test.

Next I looked at the specifications.

 Chanson Miracle MAX
Chanson Miracle MAX Water Ionizer
*Makes restructured alkaline, ionized water
*7 Plates
*Solid ASTM Grade 1 titanium plates
*Plates double dipped with  platinum
*ISO 9001 Certified Factory
*Automatic self cleaning
*Zero chemicals required
*10 Year Warranty
*Released in 2012, since then 5 updates
*SMPS Power (uses microprocessor) 
*Mineral Chamber 
*Certified as health device in Italy
*Plates manufactured in Kobe Japan
*On-board filter is made of silver impregnated coconut shell carbon
*Filter Cost $70 - Anti-Bacterial, Activated Carbon, Nano Filter
*Sell to public via network of dealers
*Flow control valve - YES
*Chanson is the manufacturer and the assembler of the Chanson Water Ionizers
*One of smallest ionizers on the market 
*MAX can make strong acid water using natural Himalayan rock salt
Local service center - YES

Price: $2399
View Black Miracle MAX Ionizer
View White Miracle MAX Ionizer

Kangen Leveluk SD501

*Makes restructured alkaline, ionized water
*7 plates
*Solid Titianium Plates
*Single dipped titanium
*ISO 9001 Certified Factory
*Manual cleaning
*Uses chemicals you must buy
*5 Year Warranty
*Same design as 10 years ago
*Transformer power
*No mineral chamber
*Certified as health device in Japan
*Plates manufactured in Kobe Japan
*Calcium Sulfite is added to EVERY on board filter. Consumer has no choice 
*Filter Cost - $120 - Anti-Bacterial, Granular Activated Charcoal
*Sold via Multi Level Marketing
*Flow control valve - NO
*Toyo Tires is manufacturer and assembler of Kangen®/ Enagic brand
*One of the largest ionizers on the market
*Can make strong acid water  using Sodium Hypo-chlorite aka bleach
*Local service center - NO

Price $3999

I settled on the Chanson Miracle MAX AND it's been 2 years since I've made the purchase. I'm so grateful to use it everyday and share ionized alkaline water with my friends and family. There are so many benefits and its so great to feel them. 

What I really like about Chanson is that they're not just a water ionizer company, they are a water filtration company and provide over 40 types of water filters and 8 different models of water ionizers. They supply over 300 retail stores in Asia. (Asia is more ahead of us on preventative health). Chanson is leading the water ionizer industry with technology and takes pride in their work. Learn more about Chanson company

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