Alkaline Water Machines - Are They Worth It?

09.02.2015 0 Jason Storm

This is a question that a few people have asked us. An Alkaline Water machine aka Water Ionizer costs between $1500 to $5000 dollars depending on the model and brand. This is a major purchase for most people...

We like to think of alkaline water machines as a major appliance. Just like your fridge does a valuable job of keeping your food cool/frozen - and your oven/stove cooks your food - an alkaline water machine gives your body the highest quality water possible (unless you have a pristine spring in your back yard). 

The price of an alkaline water machine is not expensive when you look at the long term. Our best-selling Miracle Max water ionizer is $2389. When you divide the price by 10 years (the length of the warranty), that works out to only 65 cents per day for you and your family to drink as much healthy alkaline water as you like. Chances are you are spending more money on bottled water even if you only buy a couple per week!  Bottled water is also acidic and not much better then tap water...

It's surprising today that most people do not recognize the importance of water. Our bodies are made of 70% water! If you're drinking tap water, the plus side is it's free - but the negative side is that it's acidic (contributes to acidosis, acid reflux), contains chlorine (which kills the friendly bacteria in your gut), and possibly contains other chemicals/pharmaceuticals/heavy metals, etc, depending on your region.

Some people have disregarded alkaline water as a scam or myth because of the fact that our bodies regulate our pH levels using "alkaline buffers". Just like how if the pH of the water in your fish tank becomes too acidic the fish will get sick or die - the pH of your blood has to be in a precise range close to 7.365 pH. This will happen whether you drink alkaline water or not - the difference though is that when you're drinking acidic water your pH buffers are working overtime to balance your levels. PLUS - your pH buffers are now using the minerals in your body to raise your alkalinity!  Did you know that 90% of North Americans are mineral deficient? This is the cause of many health problems. Let's look at just one mineral, Magnesium - did you know it's responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body? "Like most vitamins, magnesium’s role is primarily regulatory. It allows enzymes to function properly, which in turn enable a vast majority of the body’s chemical reactions."

Summary: when we drink tap water, this causes our bodies to use up our minerals to boost our alkalinity. Plus the chlorine and chemicals in the water kill the friendly bacteria in our intestines. When we drink ionized water from an alkaline water machine it supports our pH buffers and filters out the chlorine.  (If you have other chemicals in your water, check out our under-counter filtration systems which filter the water before entering the ionizer)

Now you know that you can improve the overall health for you and your family simply by drinking a different water (which tastes WAY better), and its totally affordable (just 65 cents/day). Doesn't it make sense to buy an alkaline water machine ?!