Water Filtration, Inexpensive Solutions for Chlorine, Fluoride and Chloramines

01.03.2017 0 Jason Storm
Are you looking for a better way to filter your water then using a Brita/Santevia or other "pitcher-style" filter? The 2 Best-Selling Water Filter Systems we offer are the C3 for Fluoride and C3 for Chloramines. (Each of these has a Carbon Block filter which removes Chlorine and makes the water taste much better)


The C3 is a 3 Stage filter that will professionally take over 99% of the junk in your water out fo you. It comes in 3 configurations: C3 for non-Flouride water, C3 for Fluoride water, C3 for Chloramine water.


Despite a lot of misinformation on the web and from some government organizations, Fluoride is not "perfectly safe for human consumption". It's actually a toxic substance that is known to calcify the pineal gland, one of the master glands in our brain. According to Health Canada, 45.1% of Canadians drink fluoridated public water. Canada is one of the most fluoridated countries in the world. In comparison, only 5.7% of the world's population has their public water supply fluoridated.


Chloramine, like chlorine, is toxic to fish and cannot be used in aquarium water. If you already have an aquarium, then you know that you have to treat water with a dechlorinator to remove either chlorine or chloramine, or the water will kill their fish. In hydroponic applications chloramines has been shown to impede the growth and production of plants. When watering the plants with chlorinated water, the majority of the chlorine evaporates after about 8 hours, but the chloramine takes days to evaporate.


Do we really want this chemical to be in our bodies all the time killing all the friendly bacteria in our intestines?! Obviously, it's not necessary as the majority of Canada doesn't use it. Places like the Greater Toronto Area where the water is coming from the lake have chloramines because the lake has naturally forming ammonia.


We offer a C3 3-Stage filter for Chloramines.