It's Time To Question Your Relationship With Water

02.02.2017 0 Jason Storm
It's Time To Question Your Relationship With Water

When people come over to my house and drink some water from my Chanson Water Ionizer, they are amazed at how good it tastes. Just like how there's a noticeable difference between drinking tap water or Evian, its the same with Ionized Alkaline Water. While Evian comes from a pristine underground spring in France, your tap water is coming from a local water treatment plant. Recent analyses of municipal drinking water have shown that, despite government regulations, there are still many dangerous contaminants present in our water.

Chlorine in our water is a "necessary evil", without it we'd get sick from bacteria and viruses. Most people aren't aware that CHLORINE HAS TOXIC EFFECTS ON THE BODY, because we're busy drinking it everyday and bathing/swimming in it. Chlorine has been identified as a leading cause of bladder cancer, and has been associated with rectal and breast cancers, asthma, birth defects and premature aging of skin.[1]

Many areas in Canada have fluoride in the water. Did you know that the chemicals used in fluoridation are class 1 hazardous waste products? You might be thinking, it’s only in “safe” and “small” doses. However, the dosage level multiplies as fluoride effects are often accumulated and seen over time when it comes to health. Dental Fluorosis is a very fast growing problem in North America and there is only one thing that can cause it, Fluoride.

The practice of fluoridation in general has very little scientific or medical evidence to suggest it is a sound practice. Online, there is much information available about FLUORIDE TOXICITY ON THE RISE, the fluoride is doing much more harm than good. [2]

Canada Ionizers is a leading distributor of Water Ionizers and Water Filtration Systems. For as little as $229 CAD you can install a professional 3 stage filter which removes 99% of chlorine plus a variety of pharamaceutical chemicals. This is the C3 Filter and there is also a C3 for Fluoride. After the initial purchase you just buy your refills once a year for $139. Your whole family can now enjoy significantly improved water.

If you'd like to experience Alkaline Anti-oxidant rich water, check out our Chanson Water Ionizers starting at as low as $1499. These will also filter out the chlorine before they restructure your water.


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