How To Choose an Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

27.01.2015 0 Jason Storm

This video shows many reasons why Chanson Water Ionizers are leading the world ionizer market. With more then 250 retail locations in Asia and over 27 filtration systems, trust in Chanson. ~ Life, Health, Happiness.

For all of our water ionizer and water filtration system customers in Canada, we can service your machines right here in Richmond, BC. But you know what? We barely ever have to do any repairs =) We're busy taking care of our life-work balance and eating healthy alkaline foods. However, we still go for pizza once in a while. Having a water ionizer boosts your energy, digestion, immune system and more, but you have to try it for yourself! If you're in Vancouver or Richmond, you're welcome to fill up jugs with Alkaline Ionized Water and try it for a few weeks. (no charge =)