Buy Water Ionizers from Canada Ionizers and Save Money

19.04.2017 0 Jason Storm

Are you shopping for a quality water ionizer and want to save money? Many people find out about the Kangen water ionizer but are skeptical because it is very expensive and they use a multi-level marketing scheme. Chanson water ionizers are high quality and come with a 10 year warranty, that's twice as long as the Kangen warranty! Chanson's Miracle MAX water ionizer is our best selling water ionizer and has extra features that you can't get with the Kangen like: Mineral Chamber for ionized mineral water, Chemical-free design (you have to purchase a chemical solution to use inside the Kangen), smaller design but same plate size and a unique ipad-style touch display.

 Plus, our new Miracle MAX Royale under-counter water ionizer is perfect for people looking to save counter space. If you are in the USA, buying from Canada right now is a smart choice. At the time of this article you get 1.34 CAD for every US dollar you spend. When you buy from Canada Ionizers, you get the best price and service.

Please note, for Sales Outside Canada there is one caveat. If anything happens to your water ionizer that can't be corrected over using our technical phone service, after buying from Canada your warranty is only valid at our Canadian service center in Richmond BC and shipping must be covered by purchaser. (Chanson has a very low defect rate and the majority of ionizers never visit the service center.) *See our ionizer warranty section for exact details.

When you and your family drink alkaline ionized water you get to enjoy: a stronger immune system, more energy, less aches and pains, better sleep, healthier skin/hair plus increased vitality. This is because the water is full of anti-oxidant rich Hydroxyl Ions. The added pH helps correct your body from over-acidity. When we eat foods like meat, dairy, sugar, processed foods or drink alcohol, coffee, soda, energy drinks, vitamin water/other sweetened beverages, our acidity levels go up dramatically.

With the alarming amount of sick people in the USA and Canada, it's vital that we start implementing solutions so that we can have a stronger immune system and increased vitality.

Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water is a perfect choice because it's Easy To Implement.

All you need to do is drink a different water that tastes way better! It's that easy and the fact is that you will be drinking much more water then you usually do because it tastes so much better. It's estimated that close to 90% of North Americans are living in a state of constant dehydration. Our bodies are over 70% water and it's a no-brainer that the more healthy water we drink, the better we will feel. Just imagine how much better you'll feel by drinking the highest quality water every day.

buy alkaline water ionizers from canada and enjoy healthy water