Why Choose a Chanson Water Ionizer? Chanson Company Info

11.03.2015 0 Jason Storm

Chanson Water company has been supplying water filtration systems since 1979. The Chanson Research & Development team continually produces the most innovative and technologically advanced water ionizers. Our Chanson Miracle MAX Royale is the first under-counter water ionizer to have a built-in mineral chamber. You can add Himalayan or Celtic Rock Salt to enjoy ionically charged minerals. 

Chanson Water - Feel the Difference!


The Chanson Core Values

Excellent Customer Service
Chanson believes in providing the best customer satisfaction for all types of customers. Giving guidance, education, and success methods, each partner is taken care of carefully and made sure that needs can be met. Creating that win / win situation for all parties, Chanson strives to make sure that excellent customer service is met.

Education and learning are very important to the Chanson family. We believe in constantly updating and learning new technologies to improve not on our products but also our manufacturing processes. With a strong R&D team we constantly upgrade and improve our methods through proven methods.

Every employee, client, and user of the Chanson is part of a big Chanson family. With strong teamwork we believe we can achieve more together. In addition our partners also benefit from a strong Assembly line, R&D team, Sales force, and Education team. Working together to we can bring best water to people who need it.