Drinking Plenty of Ionized Water from a Water Ionizer Helps Chronic Pain

08.08.2015 0 Jason Storm

A friend was introducing me to a health product last week and he showed me a statistic that made me cringe: 

1 in 3 Americans has Chronic Pain

Yikes! This is something that I don't think about very often as I've been doing Yoga for the last 15 years and it always helps my body to come back into alignment. I had no idea that so many people are affected by Chronic Pain.

Why do so many people have a hard time to "bounce back" from an injury?

Have you heard of Inflammation? According to Google:


-a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful, especially as a reaction to injury or infection.
ie: "chronic inflammation of the nasal cavities"
synonyms: swelling, puffiness;

In this article by Dr. Mark Hyman, you can read about the Causes of Inflammation.  The nutshell version is that Inflammation is a natural bodily response to help the body heal. Chronic inflammation is caused by excess Acidity

The major causes of Acidity in our body are: the foods we eat, the drinks we drink, stress and toxins in our environment. For example, each time that someone eats meat, bread or drinks a soda or beer, they are raising their acidity levels and this will postpone their body's ability to heal. 

With today's "go-go", "A.D.D" lifestyle, most people don't create enough time to adequately take care of themselves. 

Simply By Changing Your Water, You Can Reduce Inflammation & Assist Chronic Pain

Why? When you drink Alkaline Ionized water, it not only tastes better and is easier to drink then tap water - you are getting Anti-oxidants and a "negative ORP usually between -250 to -400.  Tap or Bottled water has  "positive ORP" in the range of +250-300. (Oxidation is the process where cells age/deteriorate/become too acidic)  

What this means is that each time your drink a glass of Akaline Ionized Water you are assisting your body to be less acidic and less inflamed.  Plus, because ionized water tastes better, and "is lighter" - your body is able to process it much more efficiently. Also, the size of the water molecules are smaller so they're able to penetrate into acidic cells better and this can greatly assist the healing process. 

Simply by changing your water and investing in an alkaline water ionizer, you can boost your health each and every day without spending any extra time or energy!

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