Your Questions Answered - Alkaline Water and Alkaline Foods

09.03.2015 0 Jason Storm

Some Questions from Facebook

1. We are trying to only keep the ph of the small intestines as alkaline as possible?

Not only the small intestines. Understand that excess acidity causes sickness, disease and death. Acidic cells becomes suffocated and can't take in oxygen, necessary for life. Healthy cells end up morphing into viruses, germs, bacteria. (This is called Pleomorphism)

The small intestines are regulated at 8.4 pH which is 10x more alkaline then our blood's pH at 7.365. The average person's diet is highly acidic due to eating sugar, bread, dairy, meat, fried foods, etc.

2. If so then the small intestines only would have a lower chance of developing cancer but what about other parts of the body?

Cancer is not just about acidity, there may be other factors such as trapped emotions that "suffocate" certain parts, organs, etc. However, the cancerous cells will be acidic and if those cells become much more alkaline, the cancer won't be able to grow. Did you know that when you get angry it creates acidity in your body?

3. Are alkaline buffers just minerals located somewhere (bones)?

This is quite complicated but you can learn more here and it links to other related articles:

4. How does alkaline food affect the stomach's ph?

It prevents heartburn and acid reflux. Promotes healthy digestion. (Remember that one of the highest alkaline foods is salad. How do you feel after you have a salad, healthy right?!)

5. You wrote its not good to drink much with food...whats the difference between a) eating solid food and drinking alkaline water with it and b) blending that solid food into a smoothie with alkaline water. isnt that the same outcome ?

Smoothies are different then just eating a meal and drinking some water. Here's a very good article about that, there are some precautions to take and it's a good idea to get smart about smoothies

Remember to Listen To Your Body! Over time it will get easy to know what feels nutritious & easy to digest for you. We're all unique and what works for me likely isn't best suited for you. However, if you eat predominately alkaline, you will enjoy having more vibrant cells moving through your body - because they will be holding more oxygen, have more energy and be better able to perform all of the thousands of functions.

Purchasing an Alkaline Water Ionizer is a great way to easily increase your alkalinity and support a balanced lifestyle. 

Dr. Robert Young says "Viruses, bacteria, yeast and mold are born in us and from us. They are the symptoms of cellular break-down and NOT the cause of that cellular breakdown due to an acidic lifestyle and diet. 95% of ALL sickness and disease is caused by what you eat, what your drink and what you think. 5% of ALL sickness and disease is caused by genetic expression which is activated by what you eat, what you drink and what you think. Therefore, 100% of ALL sickness and disease is caused by what you eat, what you drink and what you think."

That's great news! This gives us the power to turn our health around. We can be proactive and not have to only rely on an outdated health system that sees our bodies as broken machines needing pharmaceuticals to fix them. Alkaline foods is about eating the beautiful fruits and vegetables that Mother Earth is sharing with us. It's about avoiding chemicals, toxins, heavily processed foods and eating natural alkaline rich fresh foods.