Why Your Family Should Own A Water Ionizer And Drink Alkaline Water

12.07.2017 0 Jason Storm

We have choices living in North America. We can do what the status quo is doing (ex: drink tap water) or we can join thousands of elite athletes, doctors, health advocates and drink alkaline water everyday. Here's how it would serve your family to own a water ionizer:

  • Preventative Medicine - Without changing your life in any way except drinking water from a Chanson Water Ionizer, you will prevent diseases. Almost a century ago, Otto Warburg received the Nobel Peace Prize for his research which revealed that cancerous cells cannot live in an alkaline environment.  Preventative medicine makes way more sense to me then waiting until you get sick and then trying to deal with it. Drinking Water from an akaline water ionizer will improve your alkalinity. We've already helped 3 customers recover from extreme acidity cases like gout. 

  • More Energy - Water from a water ionizer gives your more energy because you're getting Hydroxyl ions (OH-) which is an anti-oxidant. Your body will have less work to do because antioxidants neutralize "free radical" cells. Also, the water is micro-clustered so that it can more efficiently moisturize cells and transport nutrients/waste.

  • Save Money - So you might be wondering how is this $2000 machine going to save you money?  First of all, lets look at the price breakdown. Both Chanson Miracle & Miracle MAX have 10 year warranties. If we divide the price by 10 years,that's $200 a year plus the replacement filter which comes to $280 per year or $23.33 / month.  In a family of 4 people you spend a lot more money then you think on beverages. With most convenience drinks being $3-$5 these days, it doesn't take many drinks to add up considerably.  Because Alkaline Ionized water tastes good, you'll naturally want to drink more of it and take it with you when you're going out. 

  • Anti-Aging Benefits - It's no secret that our bodies are on average 67-70% Water. By filtering out harmful chemicals & then restructuring the water into alkaline micro-clusters, your skin and organs are going to be much healthier.  

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