Why Ionized Alkaline Water Is The Best Water

15.10.2015 0 Jason Storm

Ok, first of all, if if you're living near a pristine glacier or have a high quality spring in your backyard then this could be debatable. However, if you're drinking "city water", well water, reverse osmosis (aka demineralized) water, local "spring water" (that's been sitting in plastic jugs), then hear me out. 

The problem with tap water is that it contains chlorine (which is a "necessary evil" to kill bacteria but it also kills some of your healthy cells and friendly bacteria in your intestines). Tap water is also slightly acidic and it's been moving through pipes of 'questionable quality and cleanliness' (take a look next time you see the city repairing the pipes) and there's a high probability (95% +) that your tap water has contaminants in the form of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. 

water content in your body

Reverse Osmosis water no longer has the chlorine and chemicals in it, but it also has NO MINERALS.  If you do some research you'll see that this is Very Dangerous to be drinking. You see the water is in an unbalanced state when its been demineralized, so it will bonds with minerals inside your body to become more balanced and you pee them out. That's one of the reasons why 90% of Americans are mineral deficient. (minerals are responsible for thousands of healthy body functions, organs, glands, etc)

What about plastic bottled water?!   You can read here that 93% of Americans have BPA in their bloodstream.    BPA has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, hormonal and reproductive disorders... - Source Article

Not to mention the horrendous waste, did you know that plastic bottles can't be fully recycled? Just downcycled...     There are differences in plastic qualities and some of the large jugs are BPA-free, however you have no idea how long the water has been sitting in that jug, and what the source is like.

Enter > Ionized Alkaline Water

You can read more on this site but the nutshell version is that a water ionizer lives in your kitchen and hooks up to your tap.

  • Your tap water is first filtered from the chlorine, lead, heavy metals and chemicals using activated carbon and synthetic fiber.
  • Next, the water goes through electrolsyis (it moves between titanium/platinum plates which are electrically energized)
  • The water is split into 2 streams, acidic and alkaline - the acidic flows down your sink and the alkaline goes into your glass. (you control pH)
  • The result is a Restructured Water - that is now OH- aka Hydroxyl Ions which is an Anti-Oxidant and has a smaller molecular size.
  • Your body becomes hydrated much faster and more efficiently, it tastes clean and light (the way water should be)

For more information check out Counter Top Water Ionizers. We're located in Vancouver, BC Canada and ship throughout Canada and the United States.