Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer - Value meets Affordability

02.06.2015 0 Jason Storm

The name of Chanson's 'Miracle' water ionizer was inspired by the best-selling PH Miracle books. According to Dr. Young, "A quality alkaline water ionizer is the #1 purchase you can make to prevent illness".

Designed by a renowned Austrian engineer, Chanson's Miracle model is the most compact water ionizer on the market allowing you more counter space. The Chanson Miracle water ionizer has seven solid titanium plates that are nano-plated with platinum for the highest level of conductivity and durability.

Higher wattage and bigger plates is an ionizer marketing myth. At Chanson, we know that "bigger isn't always better." We are extremely proud that our "earth friendly" platinum and titanium plates only consume about 150 watts of power and still out-perform most water ionizers on the market.

The Chanson Miracle water ionizer can make alkaline water as strong as 11.7 pH and acid water as strong as a 2.4 pH at full water flow without adding chemicals or salts to the water, unlike competitors' machines. The Miracle has a built-in self cleaning function, you don't need to use any chemical products.

Another great feature about the Miracle is that it's so easy to use. Simply turn your tap on and flip the diverter, the machine comes on automatically. When you're done filling up your glass, simply turn off your tap. The Miracle ionizer shuts off automatically.

There are 4 alkaline water settings:

Alkaline 1: pH 8.0 - This is 10 times more alkaline then tap water, drink this if you are over 70 years old, have a major health challenge or want to start slow and work your way up
Alkaline 2: pH 9.0 - This is 100 times more alkaline then tap water
Alkaline 3: pH 9.5 - This is 500 times more alkaline then tap water, drink this if you are healthy. 
Alkaline 4: pH 10.8 - This setting is NOT for drinking, it's great for rinsing pesticides off of your fruits/vegetables)

At only 1/2 the price of the Kangen Leveluk SD501, the Chanson Miracle produces high quality alkaline water, requires no chemicals, takes up less counter space and comes with a 10 year warranty.