Chanson ROYALE - The World's Most Advanced Water Ionizer

07.03.2019 0 Jason S

Now you can enjoy all of the great features of the Chanson Miracle MAX but with an under-counter water ionizer that doesn't clutter your counter.

All you will see above the sink is a beautifully designed stainless steel faucet head and a touch sensitive computerized Smartphone panel. The brand new Chanson Miracle MAX™ Royale was developed to be used in hospitals (Registered as a medical device in Italy!) but is suitable for home use. It requires installation under your counter so that all you will see is the beautiful chrome faucet and LCD display. 

royale under-counter water ionizer

Simply walk up to your sink and press the touchscreen and it will light up, now touch on the water icon and enjoy the highest quality alkaline water!

After you've finished using it, simply touch the button and it will stop the water flow, the screen will turn off after 30 seconds. 

Our 2019 model Chanson Miracle MAX Royale has the new  PJ-7000 Internal Filter - This upgraded internal filter uses Catalytic Activated Carbon for deeper cleansing and removal of chloramines! (still excellent for chlorine  removal : )

The new model Chanson Royale also has an easy-once-a-year-cleaning feature. With its new C-Cleaning cartridge, this makes the maintenance a breeze. Once a year (or every 9000 Liters) you change the filter and run the C-Cleaner cartridge for 5 minutes. Its less then 15 minutes of maintenance per year!

Do you dislike clutter on your counter?  Or are you low on counter space? The Chanson Royale is the perfect alkaline water ionizer for you. 

If you're into the technical specs, inside are 7 solid ASTM Grade 1 titanium plates which are double-dipped in platinum. This ensures you get the best ORP (oxygen reduction potential) from the water ionizer. The 7 plates are each 3.5″ x 7.25″ (327.42 square cm total surface area). 

Expect between a 2 to 3 liter/minute flow rate depending on the water pressure in your area. If you have "issues" with your water like: fluoride, chloramines, heavy metals, sediment, hard water, etc - talk to us about how we can solve these issues with our inventory of specialized water filters. 

Chanson started as a water filter company over 25 years ago and now supplies over 500 store around the world (mostly in Asia). 

One of the many positive features the Royale has is its menu system. Its so easy to use and you can customize the power settings for your area. For example, here in Vancouver we turn the power almost to the maximum because there isn't a lot of minerals in our water (10 ppm). In cities like Calgary that have mineral-rich water, the power settings need to be turned down to 1/4 strength.  You can fine-tune all of this and check using the ph tests. 

Call us if you have any questions about our Chanson Royale under-counter water ionizer at: 1.888.661.3461 (toll-free in Canada).