Boost Your Immune System with Chanson Ionized Alkaline Water

02.04.2021 0 Jason S

It's been a long year hasn't it?!  Many of us have been focused on boosting our immune system for greater health and longevity. The keys as we see them are:  eating healthy foods (as natural as possible with lots of fruits and vegetables), getting sufficient exercise (minimum 20 minutes 2-3x a week with elevated heart-rate) and drinking clean high quality water.

In January we received a new shipment of our best-selling Chanson Miracle Max water ionizers complete with an even better internal filter from the previous year!  When you drink Chanson water, you are drinking anti-oxidant, molecular hydrogen rich water.  Instead of H2O (water balanced with 2 hydrogen molecules), you're drinking OH- (only one hydrogen molecule) which makes that single hydrogen an antioxidant which will neutralize a free radical in your body. (Free radicals cause damage to your cells and start a chain reaction of damage.)

As we've stated, "if you're not using a drinking filter, then you are the filter!".  This is true. Even though the water you are drinking looks clear, and chlorine is a "necessary evil" so that our water doesn't make us sick (like in Mexico for example), drinking chlorinated water hurts your immune system. The chlorine's job is to kill, it doesn't select between  "good cells and bad cells".

With the increased risk of "mutated virus strains, etc", its important to do all you can to take your health to the next level.  Some of the things we love about drinking Chanson alkaline ionized water is that: 1) it tastes clean and clear, 2) its easy to drink more water everyday and increase hydration levels, 3) it requires very little maintenance, 4) it gives you more energy and vitality, 5) Chanson ionizers are extremely reliable and will last you at least a decade (10 year warranty!).

We realize that it's an investment and more expensive then temporary solutions, however when you divide the price by 120 (10 years worth of months), you'll find that it actually costs very little for your family to enjoy the best-tasting, healthiest water.   So what are you waiting for?!

 chanson ionized alkaline water