Chanson Water Ionizer Reviews - Updated 2021

18.08.2015 0 Jason S

Here are some of our customer reviews for Chanson water ionizers. Find out what people are saying about drinking Chanson water each day...

Chanson Miracle Royale Under Counter Water Ionizer

  • We are loving our water ionizer. We have noted the taste of the water is better. We love the display it looks so sharp. :) I will get a pic to you one of these days :) - Kaira 

  • I'm really happy with it Jason, the water tastes great and my muscles are feeling much better after drinking the water the last 2 weeks. - Tony 


Chanson Violet Counter-Top Water Ionizer

  • It works great even better than expected!!!  - Laura H. 

  • I am a much happier person since getting the Chanson.  My health and energy are improved and I’m more productive at work. - Nancy

(shown with G2 ionizer faucet)


Chanson Miracle MAX Counter-Top Water Ionizer

  • Excellent machine, easy to use, lots of options. Highly recommended for a healthier life. - Brian

  • I love my water ionizer, feeling way better from drinking the water!! - Mercedes

  • Great Alkaline Ionizer really happy!  - Jacqueline

  • I used to drink nowhere near enough water because it tasted very Chlorinated but the taste of the Chanson water is fantastic! - John

  • I have a funny story, after we got the Max, my husband stunk for the first 2 weeks, he was detoxing like crazy. We love how clean it tastes. - Sharon


Chanson Miracle Counter-Top Water Ionizer

  • I’ve got rid of all of my acid tummy, gout and skin problems and it’s made me feel great! - Norman

  • In all of my research I've found that all of the top ranked ionizers are great machines, but after finding Chanson ionizers at the top in many of the tests, along with the small compact size, I've come to the conclusion that in my opinion their machines are the best on the market. - Machiventa

  • My whole family just love it.  We sure miss it when we are away! - Karl

  • I've been drinking ionized alkaline water (at least 3 litres a day) since the past 7 years, and I have never visited any doctor at all since then. I did not even take a single pill of drug. I'm having a very fit and healthy body. - Herman

We hope you enjoyed the Chanson Water Ionizer Reviews, the following is a short video that reveals more about the Chanson company. The technology that Chanson uses in their Water Ionizers is cutting edge and Chanson is one of the only water ionizer brands that manufacturer's all its own parts. Many other brands have a rotating list of third partyparts that they use. It's no wonder why Chanson has the lowest defect rate in the industry. Each piece goes through a 29 point inspection point before its sent out for delivery.  Chanson takes pride in providing the newest technology and supplies over 300 retail stores world wide.