Become a Canada Ionizers Distributor - Drop Shipping Available

11.08.2017 0 Jason S

If you have a Canadian Retail Store (or Online Store), contact to get more information on selling our products. 

Some of our most popular products to resale include: Water ionizers, Air ionizers, Commercial Juicers & Blenders, Shower Filters and more. 

How it works:

  • You take payment from the customer (via Credit Card, Interac Email, Paypal, etc)

  •  Purchase the product/s at Distributor Pricing on our website using your Credit Card or Interac Email  (To purchase products without PST, you will need to provide us with your PST #  You  collect GST and PST from your customers)

We ship our products via Canada Post to your store or directly to your customers. Contact to get more information on selling our products.