Buy Water Ionizers and Water Filters from Canada - Save Money

10.03.2017 0 Jason Storm

Are you looking to buy a water ionizer and save money? It's a smart idea! I sure wouldn't want to drink regular water again after having a Chanson Miracle MAX for the last 3 years. Ionized alkaline water from the M.A.X. tastes amazing. Right now the Canadian dollar is the weakest it's been in a very long time so you can save money on the currency conversion.

Shop securely our Shopify store. Shopify is the one of the largest eCommerce platforms and then merchants do not get access to customer credit card details.

We carry Chanson counter-top water ionizers, the Chanson Royale under-counter ionizer, a wide selection of water filters, a "Vitamix knockoff" which is fantastic, air ionizers, heaters with remote control and built in humidifier + hepa filters, and more.

You will save money when you buy from Canada. For a great shopping experience, browse our wide selection of products and if you need any help call us at 1-888-661-3461. We're happy to answer any product questions you may have.

Water filters are an increasingly smart idea, there is so much junk in the pipes these days! Pharmaceuticals, lead, arsenic, who knows what else.. Most people underestimate how chlorine negatively affects us. At the very minimum get a 3 Stage water  filter or PF-207.

It's cheaper in Canada and the service is great, eh! We'll ship to you securely with Canada Post, USPS or UPS.

Buy from Canada Ionizers and you get a manufacturer's warranty as we are an authorized retailer. This is important and that's why it's better to buy from us, rather then someone on Amazon or Ebay. We have a warehouse, showroom and service center here in Vancouver, BC. Let us know how we can help meet your water filtration needs today!


Buy from Canada and Save