Alkaline Water Significantly Improves Health

17.11.2014 0 Jason Storm

The proof is out, if you're drinking tap water - think again!

Here is a quote from Dr. Young (best-selling author of The PH Miracle). "We can say that in many respects, we die of either (a) some level of dehydration or (b) because the quality of water in our cells, tissues, and organs is not healthy enough, or sufficiently plentiful, to continue CRITICAL DETOXIFICATION of the body."

Drinking Tap Water has:

  • an acidic ph level
  • chlorine (it's great at killing things but doesn't distinguish between healthy cells or unhealthy cells)
  • heavy metals are found in most North American municipal water
  • pharmaceuticals are found in most North American municipal water
  • a bad taste!

If you think about it for a minute, it's quite simpleThere are only four natural ways that the body can rid itself of waste products and toxins. They are Urination, Defecation, Respiration, and Perspiration. Each of these 4 vital functions is dependent on water. If we're drinking "tap", our bodies have to take a lot of extra time and energy to process that water which could be better spent on other functions.

"In my 25+ years of studying nutrition and blood microscopy, I have found NOTHING that a person can do that is more important to his or her health than changing the kind of water that they drink," says Dr. Young.

If the cells of our bodies do not have enough quality water, we cannot properly eliminate waste products or toxins. Imagine giving your car a mixture of half gas & half coca-cola, it's not going to run so well... You wouldn't do this to your car but you might be doing this to your body. 

Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water has:

Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer

  • an alkaline ph (you adjust the settings between PH 8.0 - 9.5)
  • anti-oxidants, (negative ORP)
  • faster absorbtion rate (the body doesn't need to remove chlorine and engage alkaline buffers)
  • a delicious clean taste

So, if we were handing out alkaline water ionizers for free, you'd take one right?

They're not that expensive when you look at the big picture. Imagine paying $1999 for the Miracle Ionizer which has a 10 year warranty. That works out to only 50 cents a day for your whole family to drink alkaline water! 

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